About Us

RISE Youth & Family Services was created with the vision to assist individuals in finding their strengths and teaching them how to best use those strengths to reach their goals. We view education as the most important step in personal growth for both our staff and for the individuals we serve.

RISE Youth & Family Services Mission

Fostering Resilience, Independence, Safety and Education in individuals and families.


Mentoring has been identified as one of the most effective strategies at increasing the high school graduation rate, decreasing teen pregnancy and reducing recidivism rates for criminal behavior. At RISE we provide mentoring at a statewide level. Current partners include, but are not limited to,  Dane County Wraparound, Children’s Court Services, CSSW and Saint A.

Crisis Stabilization

Crisis stabilization is a one-on-one service designed to assist and support individuals when they are at their most vulnerable. This service also focuses on preventing youth from escalating into crisis by reinforcing and/or teaching effective coping skills and identifying supports within the family or community. At RISE we provide crisis stabilization at a statewide level. Current partners include, but are not limited to, Dane County Wraparound, CSSW and Saint A.

Outpatient and In-Home Therapy

RISE provides mental health therapy at a statewide level. Current partners include, but are not limited to, Wraparound Milwaukee, Wraparound Dane County, Children’s Court Services, CSSW, Saint A as well as other insurance providers to provide mental health services in the home, in the community or in an office setting. At RISE we also offer mental health services with those who have limited access to insurance by offering sliding fee scales.

Group Therapy

Groups offered at RISE include youth groups on Healthy Relationships, Anger Management, Self-Awareness, Independent Living Skills, RISE Up Group and Parenting Group.

Training & Professional Development

RISE offers training opportunities to agencies and other community partners serving youth and families. See below for details about trainings and consultation services which are currently offered.

Trainings & Consultations Offered

Parenting Assistance

A Parenting Assistant develops a one-on-one relationship with an individual to provide support, parenting and child development education, safe discipline strategies and assistance in identifying and accessing community supports. The interventions and services are focused on the youth’s needs and are guided by a treatment plan developed by the team working with the youth. Current partners are Saint A and CSSW.

Comprehensive Community Service (CCS) Offerings in Milwaukee and Dane Counties: Individual Skill Development, Psychoeducation, Individual and Family Psychotherapy.

Sara Newman, LCSW has spent the past 20 years working with youth and families in Milwaukee. As Founder and CEO of RISE Youth & Family Services she continues on her journey of serving those in Milwaukee and other communities. In addition to leading the RISE Team, she continues her direct practice as a therapist, a trainer and through her work as a clinical consultant.

Meet the Rest of Our Team!

Sam Considine

Program Supervisor and Mentor

Kairee Hamelin

Program Administrator

Terry Birts

Crisis Stabilizer and Mentor

Domineq Campbell

Crisis Stabilizer, Mentor, and Group Facilitator

David Comer

Mentor and Group Facilitator

Janicee Corothers

Crisis Stabilizer, Parenting Assistant, Mentor, and Group Facilitator

Mickell Daniels

Mentor and Clinical Intern

Kerry Eskra, LPC-IT

Therapist and Group Facilitator

Luciana Gonzalez


Jessika Harlston

Crisis Stabilizer and Mentor

Rose Hill

Crisis Stabilizer and Mentor

Jonathan Hughes

Crisis Stabilizer, Mentor, and Group Facilitator

Austiana Jackson

Crisis Stabilizer, Mentor, and Group Facilitator

Sana Mohiuddin


Sheree Nelson


Jason Ploetz

Crisis Stabilizer and Mentor

Dave Pope

Crisis Stabilizer and Mentor

Jesse Rosales

Crisis Stabilizer, Mentor, and Group Facilitator

LaDarren Starks

Crisis Stabilizer, Mentor, and Group Facilitator

Kejuan Stewart

Crisis Stabilizer and Mentor

John Sumlin

Crisis stabilizer, Mentor, and Group Facilitator

Andrea Valerio

Crisis Stabilizer and Mentor

Zedrick Wiggins

Crisis Stabilizer, Mentor, and Group Coordinator

Reneca Zollicoffer

Parenting Assistant and Mentor

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